I am reading this really great book, You’re a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins.

One of his points (and everyone who coaches writers says the same thing) is to write every day, even if it sucks. Anne Lamont in particular says this. So here is my writing for today. As you can see from my progress bar, I have been working on an action-thriller screenplay called Deniable. Screenplays are usually 90-100 pages and I only have 72.

I need more action but don’t really know how to write it.

That statement above is a lie. I probably could write action scenes, but the thing with me is that I always think I need more education, more training, and more knowledge. This mindset probably came from my high school English teacher, she knows who she is. Talk about discouraging. This woman criticized everything I wrote and refused to let me take Poetry. Bah.

The irony of this situation is that I have, so far, made a living from writing. So maybe I don’t need more education?

I am a lifelong runner, with the hip problems to prove it. I have run for over 42 years following this advice: The less I think about it and just do it, the more successful I am. This philosophy can and should carry over to my writing. 10 minutes at a time without thinking.

I started this rambling blog post because I wanted to get writing done and I do feel better. I will now start editing Deniable. Watch my progress bar!