Month: October 2023

Where’s the crow?

Earlier this year, I posted about an experiment I conducted with Chat GPT. My initial reaction was underwhelming, and I wrote, “It’s pretty dry …”

I was so wrong. I took a ScreenwritingU class taught by Hal Croasmun, titled “AI for Screenwriters” and wow, I was so, so wrong. The trick is in the prompts. It is a continuation of the old adage, Garbage In, Garbage Out. Enter the correct prompt and get, in return, valuable information. It is most valuable when brainstorming.

So, I will choose to eat crow on this and keep an eye out for further AI advancements.

Progress Report

So, I’m off work this week and have been planning on working on my edits. Today, I finally did!
I have updated the page count tracker on the right.

I think what is most interesting about this editing process (I am working on five pages at a time if the scene allows) is that I am learning as I’m writing. I’m one of those people who skims, but you really can’t do that when you are writing a screenplay.