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Down with Thinking!

I have just published a post on my Clouds I Have Seen newsletter.

If you have been reading any of my posts over the last couple of years, you know that I struggle with motivation. I started re-reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and he details the destruction that Resistance can have not only on your creative life but also on the rest of your life.

Are you wondering why you can’t lose weight? Resistance. Are you wondering why you can’t be more organized? Resistance. In other words, thinking too much is a bad thing. There is a beautiful simplicity in just doing it [whatever ‘it’ is] and not thinking. I was going to post that I have waged war on Resistance, but I am waging a war on thinking too much. Join me.

To that end, I have begun revision work on Plain Deception. I am adapting it from a screenplay I wrote and my word counts will be off until I work through the formatting adaptations. But I will continue to work and update.

Until next time.

Progress Report

So, I’m off work this week and have been planning on working on my edits. Today, I finally did!
I have updated the page count tracker on the right.

I think what is most interesting about this editing process (I am working on five pages at a time if the scene allows) is that I am learning as I’m writing. I’m one of those people who skims, but you really can’t do that when you are writing a screenplay.